Controller stopped talking to my computer

Everything was working fine yesterday but today I cannot get the X-Carve controller to connect to my computer. The computer is a Windows 10 OS with the latest updates. I tried all four USB ports. I have the X-Controller. This happened earlier this year and it was the USB header on the controller. I connected the USB using a mini plug directly into the Controller board. No Luck.

Disconnect all cables, restart the computer, reconnect, and try again.
Did you update anything since yesterday?
If that doesn’t work, contact support.

I think the operating system was updated last night.

I connected a different computer and got the same result. The spindle does not jog when I turn on the X-Controller like it used to. I will contact Support.

Does the computer make a sound like they do when you connect something via USB?

Look in your Device Manager and see if you have any yellow exclamation points. You may have to uninstall and then reinstall the driver.

Is the E stop depressed?

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Thank you all for the suggestions. I contacted Support. Giovanna described the same suggestions with the added check to make sure the green light on the controller was on both in the front and back. So Day 2, I turned on the controller. It took 2 minutes to show the green light on the front. Checked the back light and it was on. Went to the computer and the controller was connected. As I did not do anything to fix the issue and it is working fine now I will keep my fingers crossed.