Controlling a .8kw spindle and VFD with the X-Controller

Has anyone here Upgraded to a VFD/Spindle and use the controller to control it?

Like to know as well. Ever get any answers?

No. I’ve got a month long email thread going with the “success team”. But no solid answers yet.

Could you post the specifics here?

What type of control signal does the VFD want?

Nowforever D100. And the xcontroller. It used 0-10v.

What is the issue?

Hooked it up to the 0-10v on the Controller and the spindle turns on at a low rpm and won’t go off after I run it through Easle setup. Not sure how it supposed to be wired up use through Easel.

Do you have/know how to use a voltmeter, UGCS, Arduino IDE serial monitor?

Post your $$ settings here.

I’m at work right now. So my $$ will have to wait until tomorrow when I get home. And yes o have a volt meter ,UGS

@CurtisCummings What day/time is it where you are?

So Cal. 4:30 am


Do you have any resistors at home?

@LarryM. No what do I need?


It would help trouble shooting if you had a 1K ohm and a 10K ohm resistor. 1/4 watt or greater.

Since I don’t have an X-controller I’ll have to get some information from you to help with this problem. First we need to find out if the X-controller is working correctly and it would help to have the resistors.

Ok I’ll see what I can do when I get off work. Thanks you!

Did you get your VFD working with the X-controller?

No. haven’t had a chance to get the resistors and get into the shop. Got sent from one job to the next.

Thank you.