Controlling what is cut on a detail pass

Are we able to control what is cut on the detail pass. For example if i am using an 1/8" flat bottom bit on my roughing pass and a V bit on my detail pass. Say i dont want areas of the cut to be touched by the V bit on the detail pass am i able to remove those from the cut?

what i have found is i have had to do a roughing pass then a detail pass, then put the 1/8" bit back in and do another cut file to cut out a pcs.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Only by using multiple workpieces to control what portions are present during the vbit carving.
I think that this is already the way you are approaching the project, currently this is the only way to work around the toolpath assignment within Easel…

You can see how I do something very similar in this Dog Tray Project Tutorial:


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