Controlling X-Carve

Hey guys…wondering how easy this will be to control once assembled. I have a friend that has a shapeoko and seeing what he was able to do really drove me to buy the xcarve. Needless to say I have no programming “gcode” skills when it comes to these machines. I am wondering how quickly it is to pick up the commands to write out to the machine. I will be using easel and vectric aspire 4.0. Thanks for the help in advance

Hey @nathan if you are using Easel you don’t need to know gcode. You should be able to get going on your first try.

Check out the Easel demo at the end of this video:

Thanks Zach, I am also running the J-tech photonic laser kit…

That’s what I wanted to do. Will you have both attached?

No…I actually built a separate cnc engraver with parts off of open builds…but bought the motor driver and shield off inventables…the total build for the laser engraver was about 700…that was the laser and driver by jtech…the motor driver and gshield from inventables. …various cnc parts from open builds…and picengrave lite from picengraver…if you are interested I can post the BOM and the build …

once my x-carve gets in i’m going to give this a try on my Raspberry Pi B+

for anyone else that wants to give it a shot install link below

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