Convert a 3018 CNC into a X-Carve type machine

Hi, I have a small desktop 3018 CNC, if I’m honest though I don’t like the way it works. I also have a laser machine that works like the X-Carve, and I much prefer this type of machine. I was contemplating getting some 2040 extrusion and all the associated bits and trying to convert the 3018 machine into a X-Carve type machine. I hope this makes sense as I don’t know how to explain any differently :blush: . Has any one tried this? any idea if it would work? I’m sure that the movements would be fine but would the board?

Any advice would be great, thanks


I bought a Shapeoko2 back in the day and converted it to current x carve specs. From what I’ve see with the 3018 cnc’s and similar sized ones, I would wonder if it just would be easier to buy a used X carve in your area.

You probably would get larger motors and perhaps other add- ons. I really don’t see any parts that I’d want on an x carve on a 3018. They seem too flexible.

Now could you add on longer extursion and extend the other parts? I bet you could, but then you would need the linear guides, longer lead screws, and more extrusion for a work surface too. I’d price them out first. :slight_smile:

What do you like/not like? The belts?