Convert files

Hello, new guy here trying to learn. How do you copy images? I noticed they are either a pdf or jpg, and I would need to convert them to a svg file, correct? Is svg the only type of file the xcarve will read? Thank you for your help.

You can import SVGs and DXFs. I have the best luck importing SVGs. There are online converters that will change images such as .jpg, .bmp, .png, and .gif over to SVGs. is one such website, but there are many others. There are also software packages like inkscape that will do the conversion. Vectric CNC products like vcarve desktop can also convert images to SVGs.

Easel presumes 150 dpi for SVGs. It’s best to have your images already scaled to that size, or you can also re-scale your image once it is imported.

It all depend on what you have (image wise), what you want to do with it and which programs you have available to you :slight_smile:

Easel have a built-in image converter, which for some kind of stuff is pretty decent - but with limitations.
Learning to use Inkscape (freeware) is another tool in the shed worth looking into, with it you can convert images to vector, save as SVG and import into Easel directly.

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