Converting a file from Adobe Illustrator

Hi, my name is Todd
I am a volunteer with a chapter of the North Country Trail.
I want to make signs for the trail.
I designed the signs in Adobe Illustrator
The first sign is all text. I converted it to SVG
and tried to import it. Easel came up with a error
statement that I needed select all objects and expand.
I did so in my Illustrator file, then converted it to SVG again.
I tried to import that file, and I got the same message.

What am I doing wrong? Eventually I’d like to have campsite
symbols, etc, but for the first one, I just did text.

Did you convert the text to vectors before saving it as an .svg?

Select your text >> go to the ‘Type’ menu >> select ‘Create Outlines’

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That worked,
Now I am going to try it with the campsite symbol

Thank you

Please show us your signs when complete.

Here are the first two that I have designed.
I am going to design about ten signs then
in April I am taking them to a community
workshop and having them made

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 6.33.18 AM

If it helps, and if you can save the file as a JPEG, you can use Inkscape (free download) to open the saved JPEG image file, select the image, click on menu option Path at the top of the program window, then under Path select “Trace Bitmap”. I typically use the option “Brightness Cutoff” and I’ll adjust that value to 0.650, then click OK. That will convert the image to a traceable vector image. You’ll notice after tracing the bitmap that it auto-selects the “new” vector image. You have to think of this next step as Layers, like you’d see in Photoshop or Illustrator. Imagine the vector is your top layer, and you still have the original image under that. You have to delete that original image in order for it to save the SVG file properly for import into Easel. To do that, click outside of the vector image, but within the canvas. You’ll know you’ve clicked the original image because you’ll see the four boxes in the four corners that indicates that you can resize the image. Press delete on your keyboard, and that deletes the original image while leaving the vector image. From there, just go up to File and Save As, then save it as an SVG file. You can then go into Easel, choose Import and SVG, and then import that file. If you don’t delete the original picture under the vector image you’ll get an error message in Easel, and that’s usually my first clue that I forgot to delete the original picture from the canvas before saving.