Converting a Vcarve file

I purchased a file for a tray that I’m making for somebody for Christmas and it was made in vcarve I guess and when I pull it in to easel the format is all messed up and I cannot carve it correctly. Sorry I’m new to this. Is there a way to convert a vcarve file to work in easel?

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Are you trying to open the v-carve file, or just the g-code?

If the g-Code, you’ll need to either get the sender to use the Easel post processor or use something like UGS.

If the former, take a look here: Convert V-Carve file? - Software - Carbide 3D Community Site


Hopefully it’s a SVG and not the G-Code file as it is a bad idea to run a Gcode that was setup by someone other than the operator of the specific cnc being operated. Running someone elses gcode is a great way to crash, beak bits, and possibly start a fire.

That said, if they offer just the SVG, I’m sure we can get you setup, maybe some photos of what you’ve got can help provide some more aimed inputs.

IF the seller is only providing the .CRV file type, than you would need Vectric software in order to use it at all. Oh and their free trial won’t help either as that trial won’t let you save the SVG of the design in order to import that into Easel… soo hopefully the seller has or will provide the SVG of the design.

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