Converting circles to new pecking drill function?


Does anyone know of an easy way to convert 100 or so circles to the new drill operation?

Are they evenly spaced rows & columns?

Highlight the hole, note the x,y point. Put the drill feature x,y axis on the point and delete the circle

Fusion 360

This. If so, you can speed things up with a little bit of exponential copy/pasting.

Hey All,

I know I can do it manually, but generally with a new feature like this there would be a conversion function to update projects already designed. something like highlight circles , right-click , convert to drill function.

Updating manually is fine if you only have 1 or 2 projects, but if you have a dozen it is a long process to go through.

We happen to use it to make MFT tops and waste boards, but someone making cribbage boards would benefit from a conversion function as well.

Hoping Someone at Inventables sees this and chimes in.

Have a rockin Friday!

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What is MFT tops?

Sounds like a wonderful application for Fusion360 parametric modelling :slight_smile:

MFT = Multi Function Table Top

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@DebbieLee, I have an app that is waiting approval from the dev team, that does exactly what you are looking for. You can select any number of shapes and convert them to the new drill type. I’ll post another update when the app is available.

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Awesome thanks!

There is a new app in the App Library called “Convert Circles to Drill Holes”

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Thanks for your effort on this can’t wait to check it out!

I am having issues just using a normal drillbit. What all do you use for bits and settings in Easel or on the router? I did 8 tests and all were about the same.

Pics below of the bit and tearout at the top of the 1/8 holes. Thanks.