Converting Maps to Carves

I am working on designing a live edge/epoxy table using lakes and waterways that are meaningful to our family and friends. I would like to find maps of the Lakes and covert them to SVG, carve into wood and epoxy the designs into a live edge slab of wood. Any help to create the design into Easel would be helpful.

1). Google your lake
2). click on “Images” beneath the browser search bar.
3). Farther to the right click on “Tools”. Another line will appear below Images.
4). Click on the “Type” button and select “Line Drawing”.
5). If you don’t see what you want, you may also try selecting “Black and white” with the color button and “Clip Art” with the type button.
6). The line art should be able to be imported as an SVG and the black and white clip art should be able to be traced by Easel.

If your lakes are not well known, you might be limited to using Google Maps. If your lakes are better known, there should be some images available.

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I’ve seen others using certain USGS or similar websites to pull topographocal maps in SVG format where you can type in a zipcode to search and them maneuver the map similar to google maps and then export the area shown as a .SVG , but for the life of me I can’t recall or find the websites. . . .

Harry’s method sounds like a good place to start unless someone else chimes in with the site they use :person_shrugging:

If the easel image trace isn’t clean and crisp enough, I use this method in inkscape to get a better trace of line art: PNG Picture to SVG for CNC Tutorial - Image Trace - YouTube

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