Cookie Monster v care/pocket

Cookie Monster
60 degree v bit
Area tool clearance for Cookie Monster with .625
Name pocket with .125
Everything took about an hour
Loving x carve!


nice job

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Well done.How are you re-zeroing between the vcarve and the pockect paths?

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Thanks guys!!

Basically I change the bit and then I take the z-axis down and use the “paper trick” to zero, then click one more .01 down to get a clean pocket. I used UGS as the sender to do this, not easel

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Looks great ! What’s the material ?

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@FatKatOne Just a scrap I had left over from lowes. Like a veneer piece. Sold it for only 20 bucks

Hahaha makes the day go faster

Can you tell us how you did the paint job?

Acrylic paint.
Painted the whole body blue then after drying sanded the edges. On the peaks of v carve I painted it black to look like ridges.
Same thing with cookie and mouth. Painted it the whole color and on v carve I did black