Cooling misting spray advice

So I’m mostly clueless about this idea. Ive been cutting more aluminum with my upgraded xcarve. cnc4newbie Z axis and 6mm belts overall I have to say Ipretty happy with it. Made some bottle openers and went from 2 hours to about 18 minutes granted I’m still learning.

Now Ive seen these cooling mister systems but I dont really understand them. Can someone refer me to a complete guide or video that goes from start to finish and what I need to learn so I understand how the system works and why I need it. Currently Im using oil made for tapping threads and it works well but I have to stand over it. of course I want to cut bigger in aluminum so I cant stand over it the whole time.

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Air blast provide the following:

  • Chip clearing as it blow slices away from the cutter
  • Cool the bit and material (marginally)
  • Carrier for the coolant used. Evaporation of the coolant further assist heat transfer