Coppying and pasting from one fiule to another

I am getting some funny behavior from Easel when I copy and paste from one file to another. I want to merge two different files so both objects get cut in one session. But when I copy one and paste it into the other file, Easel instead pastes something I copied from some completely different file days ago.

I want to copy and paste into this file:


So I select and copy this from a different file:

And I get this:

That’s a fragment from an entirely different project which I was working on days ago.

Weird. If you’ve been using the CTRL C keyboard shortcut, maybe try the copy command from the top menu instead. Or vice versa?

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I use the menu.
I’ll try CTRL C.

No dice. In each window where I have an Easel file open, I get different results, which I can’t seem to change.

What I want to achieve is to get models for three different sizes of this boom mount in the same Easel file. If I paste into one of them, I get a copy of the same object that’s already in the file. In the other one, I get that completely unrelated fragment from something else entirely.

I’ve been doing this kind of thing for a while now, and I’m only getting these strange results recently.

Try the original IT direction.
RESTART your pc and try again.

I don’t know what drives me more nuts… the fact that the IT guy uses this answer for every question, or the fact that it works so often.

Did that resolve the issue?

I have had that problem also. I hope that the Inventables team will Look at this. They said I was the only one that had reported this problem. If anyone else is having this problem, please leave a post here. Lets get the inventables team on this problem. Thanks

Are you copying and pasting in the same browser window, or copying from one and pasting into another?

If it’s the former, yeah that’s weird. If it’s the latter, try doing things all in one browser window.

Its all in different tabs in the same window.

I get this all the time. Lets get on it inventables.