Coptic Stitched Journal Prototype

Just finished a Coptic Stitched Journal prototype. Needs a little fine tuning!


Super nice work.

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Thank you sir!

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Impressive! What are the wood types/ finish?

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The journal with the tree is done in 3/8" cedar. The tree and corners are done in a dark Amish oil and the rest of it is done in just plain butcher block oil to bring out the detail of the cedar wood :slight_smile:

Very Nice!

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Is that a coptic design? I have several coptic friends and something like this might make a nice gift for them.

The design on the cover isn’t. But the stitching on the binding is coptic style stitching.

Thanks! I was sorta hoping that the design on the cover was some special Coptic symbol. That design looks really nice and I’d like to make something like it some time, even if it doesn’t have special Coptic meaning. Did you create the design yourself? (or any suggestions on where I might look for similar designs?)

The best place to look is just through google images to get an idea. That’s the best place for brainstorming:)


Anytime! Glad to help!

A really nice project. The stitching, pages and covers have come together great!

Thank you very much!


We make these as well, they are a fun project!

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