Copyright grey areas

Just spitballing here . If a use a logo , carve into wood, maybe with wall mounted bottle opener above it , and carve something like GO BlueJays ! Would that be infringement ? Not using their exact font , or exact JPEG ? Just wondering here .

I would tink it would depend on if you were doing it for personal use or gifts, (probably no biggie)

or if you were doing it for a sale type of item in any real quantity. This might get the copyright lawyers attention and cause you problems.

As a holder of two software copyrights, and having to enforce them in the past, anything even close to the original can get you into hot water. It all depends on judge and lawyer’s determination. Best rule of thumb, don’t chance it. The cost is in excess of $250,000 per incident of violation. If you make three carvings, that’s three infringements.

Alumni group wants me to produce 100 of these for fund raiser . Said no problem , but I don’t want to condone anything either . Thanks for comments

Get it in writing that it’s OK for you to use the logo. If the president of the current group signs off on it, you should be good to go, especially, if it’s benefiting them. Shouldn’t be a problem to get a copyright release from them in that case.

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I am now better informed on this subject…

Very good explanation . My customer changed font and graphic so I’m in the clear now .

I actually had a signed letter on his letterhead from Jimmy Buffet saying it was OK to use “Latitudes and Attitudes” as the title for a sailing magazine I used to be a part owner of…

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That’s all it takes. Most people are flattered and will allow you to do that if you just ask. I’m sure the alumni association would also do the same @PBJR. The worst they can tell you is no but yes opens the door to opportunity.