Corel Draw SVG file not hollow?

Hi there,
I’m new to Easel.
I have created a basic shape in Corel Draw and cut out the middle shape. I have chosen Export as Curves as SVG.

However when I import this into Easel as an SVG it just comes in as a solid shape…and it doesn’t have the hollow section? It can see the hollow section…but it is all black as well.
If I load it up in Mircosoft Edge…it does have the hollow shape.
Can anyone explain what is going on please?


Hi Matthew, the root cause of the issue is the way that Corel Draw is saving the file.

Here’s a quick fix in Easel, but ultimately, determining what’s going on in Corel and what setting needs changed to fix it in there is probably where you’re going to want to fix so you don’t have to always do this work around in Easel… But I don’t really use Corel so I can’t really advise on that part…


While using your Shape tool in Corel select one of the nodes on the inside shape, right click on it and reverse subpaths. That will correct the problem.
You don’t need to export as curves, just save an an SVG.
It has something to do with the way the shape was created is the reason it doesn’t show the hollow section, it happens in Illustrator also.
Or like Seth said, dont group or combine the shapes in Corel.


Thank you so much Russell and Seth… This was really frustrating me… Will give those solutions a try after work today! Would like to use Corel Draw because I’m so familiar with it and takes one other part out of the CNC learning curve!

Thanks so much!!



You’re welcome, Corel works great for creating vector images then saving them as an SVG. I use Corel for 95% of my CNC work. I also use it for the laser engraver and vinyl cutter.


Thanks Russell,
That’s great to hear!
I’ve used Corel Draw since the 90’s… So just saves a whole bunch of learning curve… Was hoping I could use it too…

So sounds like my workflow will be:

Corel Draw > Easel > G Sender

  • Maybe Fusion 360 down the track

Now to learn how to use the CNC and all these bits!!




Hi Russell.

Finally got around to trying this…and reverse subpaths worked perfectly as per your instructions!


  • Matt