Corel Draw SVG import troubles

Hello X-carve peeps. I an struggling with trying to cut a project that I have drawn up in Corel Draw x8. I have been using easel for first several projects on my X-carve, and now trying to branch out to doing some other things related to LED signs etc. With that, I have drawn up some plans/cut outs for a base I want to use, and currently working on some Logo’s and such for the sign itself on corel draw.

So to get back on track and to the point, I saved the file as an SVG file format in order to import into easel. First trouble I had was when it was imported, it was just black shapes. I messed around a bit and was able to finally get it to show the cut outs as I wanted. So when doing the test run on 1/4" plywood, I quickly found out that something wasn’t right. for the first couple shapes it tried to cut 2x’s. When looking at the project, I could see that it looked like it was identical shapes on top each other. So, I am trying to better understand if there is something I am doing wrong from the corel stand point, or if it is an issue with importing into easel. I have attached both the corel file, as well as my easel file for review. I am sure its something simple, but reading back thru some threads, nothing real specific to corel draw. Any support or input would be helpful.

Thanks.LED Sign Base 3