Can anyone tell me about using coreldraw to convert BMP & JPG to svg so that they can be imported into Easel? I have been browsing for the better part of daylight hours today and havent found anything

I usually use which is an online web based converter. That said, this will typically produce vector enclosed areas even when the BMP image would appear to be lines. To get around this I do further editing by hand to remove one of the paths.

I don’t use Correl that much but it is very powerful It should be capable of the conversion if you know what you’re doing (which I don’t because I only use Correl to drive Uiniversal laser cutters).

Easel can also trace an image and produce paths and so can Vectric V-Carve but I find that Vectric doesn’t produce as smooth a trace as the website I mentioned above.

Select your image then go to Trace Bitmap, “its in the middle almost to the top of the page”
then select outline trace then clipart.
That’s the basic and will work with a simple trace.
To save it you go to file, save as…then you need to click on the arrow to open up the type of file you want to save, select SVG. The default setting for SVG in Corel are fine.
Sometimes I will convert the image to grayscale so I can adjust the color in CorelPhoto