Corian Clock

Made this for the guy that’s giving me free Corian scraps.


Excellent job. This looks great!

Are you filling the routered portion in?

No I already gave it to him…but great idea!

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Ive made a few corian cutting boards and they asked if i could fill the void. I was going to use 2 part epoxy but wanted to hear what others were using.

Is there anyone else following this post that has filled the corian void?

How hard is it to cut?

I use Amazing Clear Cast in wood cutting boards I make. Its a 2 part epoxy resin. The cool thing about Amazing Clear Cast is that it has FDA approval. While most 2 part epoxies could be food safe once cured this product has paid to get the certification.

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Its relatively easy to cut, I use a cheap ebay 60degree bit and everything turned out fine. Clean edges, no craziness with the router. Im still working with the feeds and speeds, normally just use the preset settings in easel…

I will try some epoxy, is that brand tintable?

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It is tintable. I use the powder tints and colors from alumilite. Search alumilite and you will find the company’s website. There are tons of other tints and dyes available but I have not used them.

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