Corian Speeds

Anyone mill corian yet? Curious on speeds, before I dive in :smile:

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Brian- it depends on what endmill you are using. With the 1/4" endmill I have worked with various values and came up with a 15IPM and a 0.5" depth cut. I started with 10IPM and it was obvious I could go higher. When I used the 1/32" bit, the settings changed obviously. I had to reduce it down to 0.02 with a 20IPM. My machine has the x and y stiffening mods as well as the dewalt 611. The 1/8" bit worked pretty well with a 0.06" cut depth with a 30IPM setting.

With the 1/4" endmil I played around with higher speeds and shallower cuts but finally came to realize that I like the deep/slow cut the best. I have an engraving bit that I use for lithophanes which is a 1/32" sized end which can take speeds up to 100IPM with no more than 0.14" cuts. Not sure that I have helped much these are numbers that work for me.


Very nice work @JeremyHill. What software are you using (V-carve, Meshcam etc…)?

I use Easel (basic cutout for back of litho), V-Carve (star wars project), and primarily Picengrave Pro 5 (lithos, laser projects). I use Easel for CNC control when I have an Easel project. I primarily use Picsender for all other cnc control. I tried UGS but find the Picsender can handle a lot more lines of code and seems to me (my opinion) to be more stable and successful in completing a project.


Where do you source your Corian?

Initially I went to the Habitat for Humanity’s Restore and bought a corian counter top they were selling for $5. I then watched craigslist for about a month and found a guy who was going out of business so I got about 80 pieces (average 24" X 11" X 0.5" thick) at about $2/piece. I don’t think I will find that deal again, but I did see someone posted recently in northern VA for free corian scraps on craigslist.