Corners being carved in pieces on carve and not a smooth motion

I had a file created in auto cad and converted to svg for my use. The image is a simple serving board outline with a handle. When carving, the system will treat corners like they are a series of 4-6 carves. It will do a full depth carve of a section barely wider than my 1/4 bit… then move on to the next space and it does this 4-6 times every instance where there’s a corner. Probably a simple issue with the image prep but I can’t figure it out in Inkscape or easel. Can’t find a thread on this forum where it addresses this, so hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance.

Can you share the easel project?

Go to project>share
change it to unlisted
Copy that link
Post it here

Both shapes originated in autocad and exported to svg. You’ll see that the corners appear to be carving as individual segments rather than a continuous flow when simulate is used

the element isnt closed, it has openings, lots of them…

Its kinda a hack, but you can use extract subpath on eacg piece then set the circle to 0 depth and then select both and go to Edit>Combine
Then change tye cut type to “outside the path”

If this doesnt work, let me know and ill make a quick video of the steps…

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That worked perfectly. I appreciate you taking the time to look at it and give me a solution… saved me a TON of frustration.

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