Corsair 900D Front Panel

So I have these those Corsair Obsidian 900D Cases which both happen to have their FANs managed by an AquaComputer Aquaero 6 XT sitting in an Optical Drive Bay.

Problem is just that the 900D front panel covers are a lot wider than a typical Optical Drive Bay accessory so the moment you install one of these into the front you’re looking at a visually not very much pleasing front anymore and while the AE6XT’s front can be swapped out for a black one it still won’t match the system.

That is unless you have an X-Carve to accurately mill a 900D front panel to the specs of an AE6XT:

MDF Soft Jaw I made to accurately hold the 900D Front Panels ( black piece ) in place.

Boy that kept nagging my OCD but finally it’s done =)

nicely done! Ive been meaning to engrave the acrylic windows on m Thermaltake V2, just havent got around to it yet :slight_smile: