Could some one cut this for me on the machine really quick

hello everyone could someone cut this piece out for me really quick I am having a problem with the top measurement and I want to see if its my machine or the model

I created it in fusion 360

I cut my template out of .140" tempered hardboard just as a prototype

once you cut it out could you accurately measure the points below and see if they match the model in Fusion 360

thanks for your help guys

thick bracket drawing v1.iges (27.3 KB)thick bracket drawing v1.step (28.1 KB)

here is an .nc file for universal g code sender if you choose to use this
zero is in the left bottom corner
1.8mm doc
using an .125" bit
.140" deep overall
with ramping into part (18.6 KB)

Making an actual cut is a pretty wasteful way to go about it. Your machine should be matching the design, if it’s not, then something is wrong with your machine (though you didn’t actually say what your issue was, so what are we even looking for?).

The parallel cutting paths are 44.374 mm apart on the short side and 107.588 mm apart on the long side. The actual measurement will be less your tool diameter, which your code says is a 3.175 mm bit (1/8th inch).

So, short side is 1.622 inches and long side is 4.11 inches.

You can use an application called NC Corrector to check your code outside of the design application. It’ll also give you a cutting time estimate.


yeah I am just thrown off by 1 measurement when I cut the part all the measurements come out correct except for the 1.622" measurement is comes out to 1.573

why would only 1 measurement be off when my machine is cutting and not the other

thanks for the info on the new software I will check it out for sure

It’s especially strange (or perhaps the clue) that the side that’s coming out to the correct length is designed to be 0.06" shorter than what you’re measuring. Which is close the same error you’re getting with the other side (0.049", essentially the same number within the precision of the machine).


expand on this what do you mean?

I haven’t drawn any conclusions from it. So that’s as expansive as it gets, I’m just suggesting there is likely a connection there.


I think I got it would you know how to smooth out the arcs in this next file when i cut it on the machine the surface finish is horrible due to the way I had to do the sketch here are some files

thin1.iges (449.5 KB)

thin 2.step (583.3 KB)

I’d use Inkscape to smooth the arcs as vectors (you’ve got a 2.5D shape, so extruding a vector is easiest) . I don’t use Fusion 360, so I can’t help you there.