Could this be a spindle problem or?

Hi all,
Got the x-carve may-ish '15 and did two carves for x mas and then had to move.
Just got the machine set up again with the understanding I’d have to re-tune it (tighten belts square etc.)

I read that people had issues with the 24v quiet spindle which is what I have and am begin to think that it may be causing my problems

I’ve run a couple of test and I’m getting crazy results.

When running, the bit will start smoking like crazy. I was using the suggested feed rates for my bit (1/8) and material (mdf) via easel.

(sorry for bad pics)

First one I did two boxes with stars.
First box was ok but the second box missed and then randomly shot off the pattern.

Next I tried a cut out the same thing happened

It ran fine but then stalled in one place before completion of its first pass and started smoking.

I’m starting to get a bit frustrated as I’m checking everything, tuned etc. but still crap!!!
any ideas? do I have a bad spindle?

Could be a bad spindle, if you give Inventables a call they can help get you sorted.

Did you check the set screws on your pulleys, I know I always for get them. Also make sure you haven’t over tightened the v-wheels on the rails.

When the original 24v spindle would start to go bye bye , it would begin to generate electrical"noise"
that would be picked up by the stepper wiring resulting in erratic and unpredictable actions from the stepper motors. Mine did this and shortly after, the spindle died altogether.

As for the bit smoking all I can offer is random movement of the z axis buried the bit onto the work piece and the x and y are trying to move it with it at depth. I’m surprised the bit isnt breaking.

thanks guys! I did a check and tightening of everything including cutting a hex wrench to access the bottom Z wheels ( pain!).

I completely missed the x pulley! that sucker was loose! tightened it up got much better results but I’m still seeing some play in the gantry. This thing needs as much attention as my girlfriend lol.

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