Could ues a little advice on editing a shape

Please forgive me if this question sounds dumb to all of you that are proficient with X-carve and Easel. I finally got my X-Carve assembled (not difficult, just time consuming). Now comes the Easel learning curve… Using tons of scrap wood I am getting the hang of it… However, here is where I could use some advise.

I am trying to cut out a silhouette of my granddaughter inside a ring type frame. Using two circles and an outside setting on both of them I managed to make a ring type frame. However, when I input the silhouette into the frame, the part of the frame that intersects with the silhouette gets cut out instead of being one piece.

I don’t know if I’m making myself clear, but if anyone can give me a tip in the right direction I would greatly apricate it.

Thank you from an X-Carve rookie

Could you share the file?

I hope this is the correct way to share a file. if it is, as you can see the bottom of the silhouette overlaps the cut out outline of the frame. how do I make it one piece?

Not shared publickly

File>Share>Share with link>Save>Paste link


Still not public.

  • Set both silouette and inner circle to Fill
  • Set inner circle to full depth cut (will turn black)
  • Set silouette to zero depth cut (will turn white)
  • Align silouette to inner circle, select both these two objects and click Combine

You´ll get something like this:


Thank you so much

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BTW - you can set the inner circle/silouette as Path = Inside, otherwise all black will be carved and that is not needed, a path around inside will do.