Countering Weight of spindle

If the weight of the router is hanging on the z axis in front of the y axis , wouldn’t it make sense to hang an equal amount of Weight on the back to counter the twisting force on the y axis, to keep it square and true?
As I’m using the smallest x-carve ,maybe it’s not even worth worrying about.

I haven’t got my x-carve together yet ,but it just seems that makes sense to me

The Z axis hangs on the X axis.

In an ideal world you might want to counter balance the weight of the spindle/router, but what most people do is to stiffen the X axis so that the torque on it is dampened.

You would really like to keep the weight that you move around low so that your accuracy and acceleration are not compromised. If you use a router you already add a significant amount of weight to the system and doubling that would be a problem.

After stiffening the X axis, you could also shim between the Z makerslide and the X carriage to correct for the rotation.

Thanks ,I will try running without any modification before I try anything .

I’m not sure the moment created by the spindle and carriage is really significant to make a difference if any, however agree that w/ the x axis stiffening mod it should eliminate any concern.