Couple issues with new J-tech 2.8

I have installed the laser and updated to Larry’s firmware. I copied over my GRBL settings to the spindle and laser files in PicSender and can swap between the two. Movement seems good and in spindle mode I can use m3 and m5 to turn on and off the spindle with my PWM activated switch.

When I try to use the laser things get kinda strange. I would expect that if I switch over to laser in PicSender then I issue a M3 S0 the laser controller would come on but not the laser, I get nothing. I would expect that M3 S255 would turn on the laser and I would get full power and I do, but if I then send M3 S1 to turn down the laser, the switch activates and turns off my laser controller.

So how should my power and PWM pins look for the laser? Right now my spindle switch and laser controller and plugged into the PWM pins.


I figured out my issue.

Do not - plug the laser controler into the PWM switch that the spindle is plugged into, plug it into it’s own source. Then things react as intended.