Couple of new projects

VMGR-352 Squadron Patch

Nest Backing Plate

Droid Carving Painted

Droid Carving Black

VMFA-531 Squadron Patch


All nicely done.

Thanks!! These were fun to make. I’ve gotten a new appreciation for MDF.

MDF = lots of dust LOL
I am still working on getting a dust boot.
Good work on your large logo signs. :slight_smile:

Yeah… I quickly installed a dust boot and a dust deputy… Makes life a whole lot cleaner!!! Nice thing about MDF, is it really holds fine detail.

I guess folks got offended by the tatas sign… or maybe it was the guns :frowning:

Yeah… the post was flagged… That was the only one I could see as “inappropriate”

I would definitely post it :stuck_out_tongue:

Why did you choose VMGR-352 patch to carve?

Because I served in 352 from 92-96.

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That’s awesome to hear!!! I’m currently stationed at 352. Go Raiders! Oorah!

Wasn’t me… I say bring on the tata’s!!:smiley:

(Maybe we do need an 18+ aged forum topic to show pics of ta …err… to discuss adult oriented topics…) :sweat_smile:

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Awesome!! Semper Fi!!


A trailer? For a Harley? Heresy of the highest order!

Nice carve. I am guessing that was done on a 1000? or did you have to tile it to fit?
(I am learning)

I’m sure Phil appreciates your forum name!

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That is why I changed it… then I feel special when people talk about me

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This was done on a 1000

Bobby, about how long (roughly) did the top Raider sign take?

It’s been a while, but I believe it took a couple of hours.