Couple of newbie questions

Probably dumb questions, but I’m really new to this, so please treat me gently …

First. Is there a way to delete individual sheets that I’ve created in a project ? Second, is there any way to create a project without having to upload pictures and descriptions and so on ? Whilst I’m finding my way, I am doing many experiments which are not really anything that you would consider to be a ‘project’ for community sharing. Which leads back to the first question where I have created many ‘pages’ of tests, a lot of which have failed, and they are all located in one ‘project’ (that I somehow managed to create !) and it would be good to be able to delete the failed ones. I guess what I’m basically asking is can I create a ‘private’ scratch area to carry out my learning tests ?

Just hover over the upper right corner of the page where you pick a project and it gives you the option to delete. Same thing with workpieces upper right gives you a dropdown box with the delete option.

Ha ! Thanks, got it ! Easy when you know how … :grinning: