Couple of newer projects

Here are a couple of recent projects. The Tinkerbell was for my wife for Mother’s Day. It was my first edge lit try. The other is a jewelry box for her upcoming birthday. Thanks Phil for the dxfs and Vectric link!


They came out really nice. I’ve been wanting to try the vectric box too. Did you also make the base for your edge lit sign?

Thanks. Yes, I can’t remember where I stole :grin: the design for it. I think I got the basic design from this forum.

Edit: I basically copied this design for the base:

Agghhhhh, Boxes, my favorites. Great job. (Please center the picture next time.)

Hey Allen, I am assuming you mean the pic on top of the box…I’ve been considering re-doing it. Sure thought i had it centered in program but i must have messed up on alignment or something. But yeah, it’s been bothering me too :grinning:

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