Cracker and Cheese Board - Custom "S"

A client wanted a custom cheese and cracker board. They wanted a “S” to hold the crackers.

All made using my X-Carve and Easel.

Required four operations:

  • 1/4" End mill for first pass (fill to max depth)
  • 1/4" End mill to rough out for the bottom “pencil” pass (on path 75% of the max depth - aka roughing pass)
  • 1/4" Ball mill for the bottom inside round over (on path to the max depth)
  • 1/4" round over bit (on path to 0.1" deep)

Used the probe feature of Easel for easy tool changes.

The ball and round over bit is really what sets this carve apart from other projects. Very minimal sanding is required. Finally there will be minimal need to bring the piece over to a router for round overs. Having the machine do these last “finishing” steps will vastly improve the look of my projects.
And still being able to use Easel for the whole design is really convenient!


Excellent work.

I find it easier to simply buy cutting boards (especially bamboo), and customize them!