Crashed, and now Y-axis dosen't respond

I was sending code from Fusion 360 to the X-Carve, When the code crash the machine hard into plate aluminum pulling apart Z-axis mount. Also I have no response of the Y-axis. X access and Z- axis respond fine. Any ideas on what the issue is and, how to get y axis back up and running?

Check to see if any of the Y axis wires were pulled loose by the crash. Take a screw driver and make sure that each Y axis screw is tight.

Look at the gShield when you try to jog the Y axis to see if the green LED for the Y axis lights up.


Thanks for the help on this. Wires look good, But the Y-axis green light on the gShield is not lighting up. Did I fry the gShield?

To test the Y stepper motor driver, temporarily, change the wiring so that the X axis motor is on the Y stepper motor driver and put the Y axis motor on the X stepper motor driver to see where the problem persists.

Make the swap at the terminals to the gShield.

I swapped the terminals, but now the X-Carve will not connect. The computer sees the Arduino on com3 and says it is working fine, but Easel or Universal Gcode Sender doesn’t recognize it?

Take the gShield off the Arduino and see if you can connect to the Arduino with UGS and get the grbl parameters from it as a test to see if the Arduino is working correctly.

I was able to Connect to the Arduino with the gShield off, but no connection when I put the gShield back on.

Ok, that scenario occurs when the gShield is not plugged into the Arduino properly. Make absolutely sure that you have the gShield plugged in correctly. If your electronics are in the standard case it is difficult to get the proper alignment. If you use a flash light you can see one of the connectors to see if every thing is lined up correctly.

Also, look for bent pins.

If you can verify that the gShield is correctly aligned then it’s time to get in touch with Inventables to see if you can get a replacement gShield.

Larry will do. Thanks you so much for your help on this today.