Crashing Z axis into waste board

Hi Has anybody really Crashed their Z axis into the waste board. I was making repeat pieces where I jogged 4.5 inches to the right, then would click the .1 to jog the z down, but did not look that it was still set at 4.5 in and it really buried the bit into the wasteboard.
I hit the panic stop, but am wondering about how to assess damage and reset bearings and check for flatness and other damage, and how to reset the wheels on the z axis.
Can anyone tell me where that instruction page is please?

I’ve crashed my bit into the wasteboard. Depending on how deep you went you might want to try and take the bit out because if you jog up it could just be pulling on it. If you unscrew the bit you can twist it out of the MDF.

Once it’s out you can jog the Z axis up. You can get a square to see if the bottom of the collet is square to the bottom.

Then run a test carve circle, square, triangle and see what the results look like.

Thank you! Because I hit the stop - I was able to back it out easily - my main concern is the squareness of the unit.

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You can test it out a few ways:

  1. Get a level and put it on the gantry
  2. Use a T-Square and take measurements at different points on the wasteboard
  3. Run a calibration carve making pockets at different points on the material and measure the depth with a digital caliper.
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