Creality Slicer to useable Gcode in Easel

Hiyas. I am trying to use Creality Slicer to use in Easel. I can convert my stl file to Gcode in the slicer but when I go to import the Gcode into Easel I get this error message. Can someone explain in a very plain way to me what I have to do or if it is possible . Explain it to me like you ar trying to explain it to a drunk dingo . This is what it says " Invalid G-code

Line 1: M190 S40.000000 The file contains invalid G-code syntax.

You must use one of our official post-processors in order to import external gcode. "

A 3D print slicer will not generate gcode for a CNC router.
You invalid gcode line is Bed Temperature setting. Most CNC routers do not heat the wasteboard.

If you want to convert an STL to carveable gcode, you’ll want to look at Fusion 360, V-carve, Meshcam, or something like KiriMoto. There are some command line tools as well that would take more understanding of the file types and machine capabilities.

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To add to what Neil said, simply put, A 3D printer utilizes some gcodes that aren’t compatible with your CNC controller. If you take a look at the gcode in a text editor like notepad or wordpad, you’ll see them.

Here are some of the supported GRBL gcodes in here:

Grbl v1.1 Commands · gnea/grbl Wiki · GitHub

You might be better off taking your 3d stl file and using a cnc program to convert to gcode. Meshcam is the one I use. It is very user friendly. Meshcam also does have slicing capability. I’ve found Cura to be so simple to use, I haven’t bothered with Meshcam for my printer.

MeshCAM - CNC Software - CAD/CAM Software (