Create layers that can be turned on and off in Easel

Has anyone figured out a way to carve sections of a design, say, one group with a 1/4" bit, then ‘hide’ those, then the next with a 1/8" bit all within the same project? For instance, if there were layers that could be hidden temporarily?
Currently, I’m importing my artwork, deleting the 1/8" bit art in Easel and cutting one set of objects that use the 1/4" bit, then changing bits and undoing those steps and deleting the 1/4" bit artwork to cut the 1/8" bit art. Does that make sense?


Not yet. I have just started splitting these into two files until they implement something.

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Layers can’t be turned off. I create a master and the copy each layer into a separate project. When I run the projects in sequence, changing bits in between, I get great results.

I do use the detail function in Easel, but there are times that it leaves actions to the detail that I wanted specifically done in the first pass. Thus breaking it into different projects gets me exactly what I want.


I do the same, make a master project, make a copy, remove parts from both.

If it’s only a couple of parts I’ll use a single project but set one part to zero depth, do the carve, then swap them.

A multiple “layers” single project has been asked for quite a bit so is hopefully being work on.

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I second, third this request. Though there are work-a-rounds, it would be great to have layers so you could put different cuts in the same setup, rather than create multiple projects.

This is a biggy, so I’m sure it’s in the works at some stage.

Selectable layers would be awesome. I could have one file instead of two or three!

@EricDobroveanu has something in store that isn’t exactly this but it relates to this issue.

The way I’ve been doing it is selecting an element and moving the depth to 0. They added “select by cut type” to the edit menu. It’s not exactly the same but it makes it so you can select all the engravings and then all the profiles. I use it when I want to first engrave and then cut something out to adjust the similar elements all at once. It also helps if I mess up and then want to redo the engraving but not the profiles.


I had this issue this past weekend. I would open the file with everything in it and delete the portion i didn’t want cut. After the cut was finished i hit undo then deleted the part for the 2nd cut.

I do the same thing: i usually create the whole design, then make copies where i delete everything except the parts i want to carve next. It makes it easy to combine different tool sizes or carve in stages (carve- check, adjust if needed, carve next stage)
Layers would make this much easier and would certainly clean up the file list :slight_smile:

If you change the depth of the design you do not want carved to Zero. It will not carve. You can then hover over it, click and change the depth back and then carve that.

I’m having problems… I have a football design … I want to engrave a teams name, the stripes & laces… then cut the outline of the football out… I imported a svg file… but I can’t select the name & laces & lines to be cut different than the outline… do you think it’s a bad svg file ??