Created a couple of big things for my wife

My wife wanted me to cut out our last name 30in wide. I did it on 1/4 birch ply. It is painted and i realise i dont have a way to hang it on the wall. If i put a screw into a d hook it would just split. I thought about gluing the d hook but not sure. Any ideas would be helpful as always.
Thanks ted

Maybe some anchor points attached using double sided tape, there are “permanent” outdoor tapes available from most big hardware shops.

While you’re at the hardware shop, go look in their Picture Framing section, there should be several ideas there. Or go to a picture framing business, I’m sure they’d be able to provide some suggestions.

A few small finish nails/brads might be invisible enough that you could tack a few up that it could hang on (hanging inside of some interior details).

Another idea is to glue on some small dowels (or nails) to the backside as studs that you can push into the wall.

We have a small business selling wall names and other stuff like this and always suggest using 3M picture hanging strips.

They work great, you can cut them to size if you need and they don’t damage your walls. Just about everything in our house is hung with these.

EDIT: I had the wrong link in there, should be good now.

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My brother works at 3M - the “Command” adhesive that is used on these is amazing… and removable.

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That’s awesome! Ya we love them, I have a 10lb clock mounted about 8 ft up on a wall with about 6 of those strips, been holding strong for the last 3 years!

Wood glue a french cleat. The wood glue is stronger than the wood itself, so no nails/screws needed. The french cleats are crazy strong and naturally align the piece when hanging (assuming the cleat is properly aligned when installed)

All you need is to take any scrap ply and put a 45 degree bevel on ti with a tablesaw or miter saw. The two pieces interlock.

I agree with the french cleat idea, just glue a small piece or two the same thickness as the cleat near the bottom on the back of the sign to keep it square to the wall so you don’t overstress the glue joint. Not a requirement, but sure is handy with large or thin things.