Creating a chamfer w\ VCarve

I want to create a chamfer on the edge of a board, I assume I can just use a 90’ V-Bit on path, then do a second toolpath with a end mill set to the outside and cut all the way thru the piece?

Yes and no. The math the software uses moves the point too far inside most of the time for me. You should test it on scrap first. Typically, I get a nice chamfer and then a burr where it meets the profile cut. The solution is to set the chamfer to cut ON the vector (like you said) and then offset it a bit (to the outside of the line) until your burr disappears. So the very point of your v-bit will actually be just a hair outside of your vector. Then, just record those settings and you are good to go. It’s easy to get a good chamfer at that point but more difficult to get a perfect chamfer dimension. Some scrap MDF or something easy to cut will get you dailed in.

Awesome, thanks, ill play with it tomorrow to get it dialed in…