Creating a curved line

Is there any way of creating a curved line within Easel? I know you can creat a curved line in a bitmap program by creating a node and the moving it to suit but I don’t know too much about this in a vector program.

Yes, draw a line using the pen tool, then double click on the line and that will open up an editing box, from there you can click on curved or straight and adjust the nodes.


  • Draw your line / shape with the Pen tool.
  • Click “E” to edit that shape (or use icon arrowed in ochre)
  • Click the node you want to edit (green)
  • Select Curved or Straight (red)
  • You can adjust the level of curve by pulling the two “antennaes” that extend from the node.
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What’s with the “Hold the Alt key to disable snapping”? Unless I’m doing it wrong that never seems to work.

If you dont hold down ALT-key then the node will highlight with a red line when it is horisontal or vertical aligned to an adjacent node. Once vertically/horisontally aligned you can slide the node along this path and stay locked in alignment.

With ALT-key held down it will not snap to the adjacent node.

I dont think Easel snap to a grid.

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Oh I see! Thanks very much I’d have never figured that out.