Creation of a fidget spinner

Already seen one here and have been wanting to make one so I did. This video is not a tutorial but more of a insight into what some of us are doing to make an idea reality with our machines. I also think is a great project to learn cad/cam and machine setup. Here are some reasons I think this is a great project to get started with.

  1. cheap or free to make
  2. if it don’t turn out you are out very little if anything other than time
  3. it is a simple device that can be easily designed to your liking
  4. simple but can be made very complex with precision cuts for bearings and such
  5. opens the doors to understanding cad/cam by using only a few features and working your way up to more complex design
  6. can de made with any size xcarve cnc
  7. can be made from almost any material. wood/metal/plastic

what does it do?

Spins and that is about it. It is a device to keep the hands busy I have noticed when toying with it I smoke fewer cigarettes. They seem to be the new thing that is popular. Kinda like a stress ball.

Wow never heard of these.
interesting idea too.
Thanks for the share

What are you using for the center bearing. It looks like a bolt and nut.

I think its a bolt and a nut through a bearing.

they were salvaged from these

you are correct

Yes, they do seem to reduce stress and have a calming effect.

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