Cribbage board design help needed

I recently took on a project from a repeat customer. She commissioned me to build her a round cribbage board with a monogram in the center. It is a 3 person board, with a TON of peg holes. Would anyone in here who is more knowledgeable about Easel, like to take a stab at design for me? My design just locks up Easel every time it tries to generate toolpaths. I was told it is because of all the peg holes. I’ll gladly pay you for your expertise and time. I just hate to turn away this work, since she is a valued customer, and I already bought materials for it. If you’re interested, please let me know. I need to get this thing done.
Thanks in advance.

Just be patient with Easel it will generate them. I have two of the Aztec calendars Star wars and Marvel the Star wars takes 45 minutes to generate and Marvel takes about an hour or a little more, the gun calendar is around 45 minutes as well.

What does the design look like? I have seen a few cribbage boards on this forum before.

I always drill peg holes in one carve and the design in a separate one, and it has worked well.

There is a circle crib board fairly recently added to the projects section you could check out.

Circle crib board on the project section of this site. (Not mine but looks good.)

Email me at

I use Aspire and can create the file for you.

That doesn’t work for me. After 20 minutes, the popup window closes.

Hrrrmmmm … it eventually got there for me (but I stopped it before it actually carved). Did take a little while, but fine.

One thing I would do on the Happy Camper one is convert the holes to drill points (which is an app and a tool above the Text one in the floating tool bar) and move all of the detail in the middle to a second carve (and if possible use a V bit for the detail bit).

Is this happening on anything you try to carve? Or just cribbage boards?

Try splitting it up into multiple carves to reduce the complexity and data points easel needs to create for tool paths

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