Cribbage board grouping and aligning help

Hi all,
Here is a snapshot of some workability issues related to easel when working with this many pilot holes…
1.) The crop marks are crazy huge… are they adjustable?
2.) Easel does not allow you to ‘combine’ the pilot hole objects… is there a way to ‘group’ as they become impossible to select.
3.) Aligning is also near impossible since the crop/grab bars are so large, there is no way to grab, say, the middle row.

Any ideas, help, or workarounds would be great. I’m also simply debating whether i just draw a bunch of circles instead of the pilot holes, but seems to me these are core issues that should be addressed in easel for handling objects.

I don’t think so.

I don’t think so

You are correct, they’re not easy to grab.
I have done a few cribbage boards and I use Corel which is similiar to InkScape. You can design and line the holes up then convert the holes using the drill app. I always leave a page with the holes on it in case I screw something up I can go back and select the holes again.

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One option is to use the Replicator app.


Well, there you go. Amazing! I do my work in Illustrator, so this Drill App worked perfectly! Thank you, sir!

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