Cribbage Board issues

I’ve been trying to design and cut cribbage boards. when I input an 1/8 straight bit, none of the holes show up on detail and when I simulate. The only way I get results are when I select the 1/16 but that makes the holes too big for the pegs; it works but it’s not the results I want.

I’ve been trying to watch videos and find solutions to my issues, but I can’t find anything helpful. How does one overcome these issues and what has others done. I see in the project pages, there are many projects posted but when I open them, it’s the same thing, nothing shows up and I get an error on cut setting.

Thank You

If you input a 1/8" hole and try to use a 1/8" bit it will not work. You will need to enter a larger diameter hole then 1/8" to use a 1/8" bit. That is the reason the 1/16" works. There is an app on here for peck drilling that would work better.


This is what Wayne is talking about, I converted the 1/8" holes using the Convert Circles to Drill Holes app in Easel



Spot on!
going to elaborate on this a little more to make sure the OP doesn’t have any follow up questions

Convert circles to Drill will take any circle shape, and assign the drill function to the center, so no matter how large or small the the hole, the current bit will plunge straight down. right in the center… my photo shows using it on a larger circle, but it works just the same in your case, with the hole too small for the bit…

Side note about drills: don’t place a drill at 0,0…there’s a bug in the code and my report got shot down by support even though it’s a piece of cake for the Easel Dev team to fix!!
Based on a poll I ran, 92% of easel users will not get a drill in the right location IF they placed it at 0,0 and do a 2 bit carve, but somehow it’s still a “personal issue” Feel my frustration yet?

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Do you have to select each hole individually to use the drill app? Or is there a way to get it to apply to all holes??

It will apply to all circles… if you’re having an issue, you can share the project.

In easel go to project>share change it to unlisted and copy that link, post that link here , or dm it to my if u prefer :grinning:

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I noticed that there were extra drills and then also noticed the circles still remaining under the drills. . . this is how I would do the circles to drills as well as separate out the carve into multiple workpieces for more bit control.

Thank you!!

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