Cribbage board template

So I had made this giant cribbage board a few years ago by hand and initially bought my xcarve to be able to produce a few at a time with a bit of ease. But I’m having trouble figuring out how to get the spacing right for the holes and how to cut carve time down on the project. Has anyone had any experience with making cribbage boards and if so how did you go about setting up the easel design?

Have you done a search of the projects pages???
There are quite a few cribbage board projects there that should be able to offer inspiration or insight.

I have not. Ut I’ll give it a look! I was asking here just in case I wanted to change the design up to not necessarily the straight back and forth design. But I’ll peek around thanks!

There are quite a few in the projects section and search for a message board thread called Cribbage Boards Only for some inspiration.

The machine is great at making them. Hole drilling takes the most time especially with the stock Z axis. Upgrading that (see many threads on the topic) is probably my next step in improving my machine and speeding up jobs.