Crokinole boards

A friend of mine clued me into these things…apparently they sell for upwards of $400-500/ea from “known” board makers. I never heard of the game before, but it wasn’t hard to design a quick Easel project to cut out the circles and do a quick cut for lines.

This is what comes from one of the best board makers in the business:

Here’s the Easel file link:

I didn’t get to adding the drilled area for posts yet.

Anyone else here either a player, maker, or both?


My in-laws are pretty big players of this. They always have a board set up at Christmas ans they play for hours.

That blows my mind they go for that much! I think I need to get into building these!

Yeah. “Basic” boards (not sure what that means) start at $200/ea from most of the places I look at.

“Mr Crokinole” has one called The Executive or something on that range…$399.

I’ve seen posts on message boards where people are paying for custom boards that are just insane.

Even the Etsy/Ebay ones are going in the $125-150 range.

I’ll make one or two and add them to the Etsy shop and see if they sell…

Here’s a “how to” by one of the renowned makers…

Hmm…just watched a video on this. It looks like a fun game actually.

hi there
we were in Canada last week playing this game- would love to make one but the easel file link doesn’t seem to work- could you upload it again or send me direct?



AlanDyke the link to easel is not working :frowning:

The link is broken, can you please update the link.

Thank you.

Also interested. I remember playing this at my grandparents house during the holidays with family. Would love to make one!