Cross Project

Hello again! I am working on a cross design and would like to know the appropriate bit to use. It looks like it would cut correctly with a 1/16 bit but with the 1/2 depth the shank starts to collide with the material. I could try and use the 1/8 bit but it takes too much material on when I run in on path and outside path it doesn’t cut part of the material properly. Any suggestions? Below is the project:

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I think I figured out how to make it work. When designing in inkscape I was leaving fill black and stroke unset. Then when I imported it into easel I selected outline, on path. This time I unset the fill and set the stroke width 3/16 width (which is 1.5 times a 1/8 bit). The CAM portion of easel liked that a bit better and it looks like it will do what I want in the simulator.

Final Product