Cubiio - Compact Laser Engraver

This looks cool. I want to mount one to my X-carve.


Totally. I would take it everywhere and burn images on all sorts of stuff!

There are cheaper ways to destroy your eyes.


Definitely… most definitely.

There is no way they can sell that in the states.

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There are cheaper ways to destroy your eyes.

Upcoming solar eclipse comes to mind


Sharp (cnc’d) stick comes to mind. :wink:


The project is way over-funded too. If you back it, don’t be surprised if it takes an extra year to get it.

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If ever. Once the government regulators get involved, the design will probably require many revisions, and backers will experience untold delays as the funds are depleted making the mandated changes. :disappointed:


Like these guys

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Same here but decided to go with a cheap Chinese laser instead and have not looked back! Oh yeah, I have about $600.00 in it total to make it functional.


Yeah, right… what happened to those Glowforge dudes?

I would not support it. I got jipped from a crowdfunding site. payed 600 bux and was promised a product. they went belly up. So I never support them unless Its a friend and I am not expecting my money back.

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sipping drinks on a beach in Cancun.

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same story with my buddy who got a K40 laser from china. added 500-700 to get it up to snuff. building a new one from the ground up now. his advice was, stay dumb, spend the 2000 on a non-chinese machine.

Production is ramping up. Latest shipping schedule is to have all pre-order units shipped by October 31 and purchases, after pre-order campaign and current, by November 2017. International is still being worked on. Not a lot of happy people there.

Air filter starting December 2017. The basic unit is has been shipping out regularly for the past few weeks. It wasn’t until recently that the Pro model was shipped.

Since around January of this year they began offering $20 credit per month until you got your shipping notice. Could mean a few hundred extra dollars for some :slight_smile: If you are going to wait, it sure is nice having some rewards for doing so.

I did purchase the Pro model and am happily awaiting my purchase. I’ve been waiting over 2 years for other items too.

You can get burned buying local too. Lost $19k last December when a company went out of business. Still fighting to get that back.

I am not talking about buying from a local store.
I meant the Crowed funding.
They were sued by several people which ruined it for many others and delayed them greatly.
I just do not trust the crowd funding anymore. Not for large amount of money.

At lease with a local purchase you can sue and go after them.

I hear you, and don’t disagree either. I was merely pointing out buyer beware regardless of this situation.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that big of pockets to sue a corporation. Small claims only goes to $10K; even if you win, on appeal lawyers are allowed. Go figure.

To each their own on buying “state of the art” vs DIY.

My $600.00 price is the laser + extras. $2000.00 less than the Glowforge and I do not have to use cloud software.

My decision and what I enjoy doing.

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While there are a lot of good ideas out there in the crowd funding world, there’s also problems. A lot of the people that start these are building their business on an idea that may not be quite ready for prime time, and also have very little to no experience with the manufacturing process (and all of the headaches that can be found within), sales, marketing, inventory control, supply chain management, customer complaints, etc.

And even if they do get funded, ramping up production to meet demand brings along its share of issues, especially if a key supplier or piece of machinery fails (or can’t produce fast enough), then prospective customers get frustrated and cancel orders. Best to wait until units are shipping and people begin reviewing the product to see if it lives up to the hype.