Cupped Wasteboard

Hey everyone. Thought I’d share my latest issue incase it could help someone else.

I’ve been having z depth issues since day 1. Portions of my through cut would actually go all the way through and others portions would not. It seemed like the closer I was to 0,0 the better z control I had, while increasing x,y would decrease my z depth. The issue was the same eveeything - but worse sometimes and better others.

After checking everything for square/level and not finding anything I finally decided to skim my board (actually doing so right now). While wacthing the machine do its thing I noticed some play in my board. After poking around a bit I saw this

So my board seems to have cupped in the corners. For the time being I just shimmed the corners, to remove the play, and am continuing with my skim.

Home that helps someone who mau be having similar issues.

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I had to replace my board as it was the opposite and I could not get it to stay level no matter how much I skimmed off the surface. The new board is much better and I do not have as much play as before. There is still a bit of it out of tolerance but its fixable using some shims or just using a thin waste board on top.I do not like to have several scores in the main waste board so I put another on top and skim that

A new mdf board, or did you upgrade?

Brand new from Home depot.
I used the old one to get the holes and a palm router to inset the screws that hold it down.
Works good as the old one. Just doesn’t have the lines.
I also used a counter sink drill after drilling the main holes for the brass inserts.

I mads my wasteboard too. Guess 1 year in a Florida garage is all I got of it.