Curious on different ways to accomplish this piece

am making a wedding plate for a friend, and the only way i could come up with to make it using easel, and corel draw was in a 3 op process. My only issue with it is that on op 2 I have to stand over the machine because my carving is on a surface cut out .2 inches deep already so when its done, on its rapid travil to home i pause it and remove the bit so it doesnt scrape across the part. I was curious if someone has found a better way to do this. thank you. (there should be 4 pictures, op1, op2, op3, and the results)wedding plate op 1wedding plate op 2wedding plate op 3wedding plate results

I don’t have an X-Carve but you would need to change your safe travel height in Easel but apparently it is hard coded and therefore a limitation in Easel. I found this:

I agree, i would love to cam program it and set my own retract height. Regrettably i must wait awhile to purchase one, i am saving up for one, but it will be a bit, so i am just trying to find work arounds for the limitations i have to work within. It appears as if the default hieght for retract to home is not changable from what i read in that discussion? even with cam and g-code programming?

Well you can get free/open source CAD/CAM and GCode sender that are GRBL compatible and will let you set the retract height but you will lose the X-Carve/Easel integration. Some will give you 2.5 and 3D, VCarve and other interesting features including setting retract height.

Here is some info to get you started.

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thank you, i will read these shortly, i appreciate it!

There is a safe height in Easel, it’s not hard-coded. It can be changed in machine settings.

Thank you very much, i found the setting. This will make this job much easier.

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also, just as another thought, how about carving the lettering and the bike out before the rest? I just did a five step plaque carve, had me on my toes about it. otherwise great job on the piece.

Take a look at estlcam. You can control the heights for each operation.