Curly Maple Lumber

Hello everyone, first I wanted to say thanks for all of the information that I have gained from the forum. I don’t post often, but I regularly lurk here. I sell Curly Maple lumber and never thought about posting it here, but I think I can use this as an opportunity to give something back to everyone. I do almost all of my business on ebay and to some locals. My store can be found at I want to give anyone on the forum 35% off shipping. Shipping wood is very expensive and I thought this way I could help the forum some. I charge the actual cost of shipping on my items all I do is enter the weight and ebay calculates the shipping price. I mainly use USPS because it is much more convenient for me. USPS is very regionally based so for some of you the shipping will be cheap, but for some like on the west coast it gets very expensive. I have regular buyers in areas like Florida that I can send 35lbs of wood to for the same price as about 8lbs to California. We can work around this though by getting you quotes from other carriers or using cheaper shipping options at checkout. Also I can cut the wood down to fit in flat rate boxes if you don’t need longer lengths of wood. I have 100% positive feedback and plan to keep it this way, so if you ever have a problem with any of my products let me know and we will fix it someway! If you want to take this opportunity use the send offer button on my listings to send me an offer of $1 less than the listing and I will adjust the shipping charges and send you an invoice. You can also combine multiple items this way to save more on shipping. In the end you get $1 off the listing (this just helps me because by you sending an offer I can adjust shipping) and 35% off shipping. Be sure to leave a note in the offer that you are from the forum. My inventory is always changing so check in often. I hope this is a good place to post this and I hope I can get some of you all figured wood for a good price.
Thanks again!


Thanks for letting us know.
I may get some in the future.
Right now I am working on re arranging all the equipment in the garage.


Not currently. I mainly just get in 4/4.

Also I forgot to mention I have a lot of scraps that I’d like to get rid of. I can put them in a flat rate box that is 24 inches long by about 3 deep so you can fit about three 24 inch boards in each. Or I can put in more smaller pieces if you want pieces that are smaller. These are cut offs so they may not be perfectly flat but I’ll make sure to get you pieces without big knots or major defects. I just need these out of the way and I know they could be used to make some nice projects. All will be curly maple both hard and soft maple but mostly hard. I can’t guarantee how much figure they have but all pieces will have some. I won’t do the shipping deal on these but I’m not going to charge much more than shipping the box itself. It costs like $18 to ship anywhere in the U.S so I’m thinking I’ll charge like $32 total for a box shipped. These won’t be up on my store so just message me or leave a reply if interested.