Curve carve?

Not sure if this is possible, but say i want to carve out an iPhone 6 case out of wood, is there a bit that carves curved, like where the sides of the phone would go? Thanks

There are ball-end bits which will cut a pocket or slot w/ a rounded edge: — you could use that and cut the phone case in two pieces and then glue them together.

There are burr / round ball end bits intended for use in a Dremel or router — it might be possible to clear the pocket, then load one, then make the undercut, but this would require a bit of chicanery to calculate the path (or at least some careful measuring and math) — you’d need to do test cuts to get the feeds and speeds right.

The MeshCAM folks have an article discussing this:

Check out this thread:

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Do you mean a ball end mill?